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Ellington Healthcare Partners will use our expertise in regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, immunology, oncology, and nanotechnology to identify opportunities in the treatment of a broad range of diseases. For example in oncology, EHP will evaluate novel cancer therapies, immunotherapy, new chemotherapies, targeted therapy, management of adverse consequences, and quality of life improvement.

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Ellington Healthcare Partners I, L.P. (“EHP”) is an early-stage Venture Capital Fund targeting innovative bio-pharma developments. The Fund is chaired by Tommy G. Thompson, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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In the USA and the Americas:
Granville A. Ungerleider
+1 (646) 450-5587

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Ellington Healthcare Partners will seek to be a lead or co-investor making commitments to early and mid-stage companies in investments in multi-stages up to $25 million. In the Bio-Pharma industry, this typically will characterize companies in Phase I or Phase II clinical trials.